The 16 Most Inappropriate Knitted Cozies You Will Ever See


Sure, we've all seen the kleenex box and spare toilet paper roll cozies that grandmas used to knit. But there are many less appropriate things Americans like to cover with knitted yarn. Turtles and firearms are two popular categories. We bring you some of the oddest. Enjoy:

1. AR-15 Cozy
Warm yarn, cold steel.
2. Soft Pink Handgun Cosy
Weapons are a very popular cozy category.
3. His 'n' Hers Handgun Cozies
4. Ovary Cozy.
We're not sure what goes in here.
5. Condom Cozy With Cute Applique Heart.
It will turn the awkward condom moment into an even more awkward one.
6. Manly Beer Cozy
For when you want a cold one in a warm blanket.
6. Tree Cozy.
Here's some evidence of global warming if we ever did see it. This tree looks toasty.
8. Grumpy Turtle Cozy
9. Turtle in Cozy With Looming Cat
10. Fire Hazard Cozy
Better leave that light turned off. This lamp is already warm enough. And it's too bad the yarn would muffle the sound from the phone or wait maybe that's a good thing.
11. Apple Cozy.
Now you can keep your cold, crisp apple warm (????)
12. Banana Cozy
Cute but we worry this will cause the banana to ripen faster and mess up the cozy.
13. Harley Cozy
Cars will totally yield to you when you ride this bike.
14. Hipster Bike Cozy
15. Tractor Cozy
16. We have a winner in the "most inappropriate" category
Unless someone has knitted a cozy for nuclear warheads.

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