This Crazy Map Shows Which US States Have The Longest Sex. It's Not Where You'd Expect!

The blush-inducing folks over at Nerve have put together a map showing which states are host to the longest bouts of lovemaking. The intimate info is drawn from a new app called "Spreadsheets" - shouldn't it be "Bed Sheets"? - that allows users via smart phone to record the "duration, thrusts, and decibel peak" involved in a given romp. Here's how it breaks down:

As you can see, it's the middle states that appear to take the cake when it comes to acts that put a bun in the oven (ok ok, groan). New Mexico and Texas: what's your secret? Heck, Nebraska, what's yours? And Oklahoma, what makes you so different from your Lone Star neighbors (who are anything but lonely)? Apparently flyover country is where it's at.

Via Nerve.