15 Hilariously Baffling Cracker Barrel Facebook Posts. People Are So Funny.

If you've ever perused the Facebook pages of your favorite corporations, you know that there are a lot of very confused people in the world. These folks have something to say to Cracker Barrel, and they are going to do it in public.
1. Some people have requests.
2. People REALLY liked that stew.
3. And the steak and biscuits.
4. SO many people, Kerley.
5. Megan just wants pancakes.
6. Juanita NEEDS that syrup.
7. Linda. What are you talking about. There's no picture, girl.
8. Test...what?
9. Oh SNAP.
10. No one said you did, Ray.
11. Okay, this one I agree with.
Not cool.

12. Is this a secret ad for McDonald's?
13. Reene, this isn't Patti's page. Your cat is cute though.
14. OMG, wrap it up, girl.
15. I...wait. What?

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