The Death Of The Gods Is Upon Us: 10 Things You Should Know About The Viking Apocalypse

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You guys know about the Viking apocalypse, right? Ragnarök? Sure you do. Well, guess what. IT'S HAPPENING.
1. THIS is scheduled to happen tomorrow, just in case you had plans for the weekend.
Unless those plans involved doing battle with hellish monsters, in which case carry on.
2. When the three roosters crow, the wolf Fenrir will break free of its ancient chains and devour Odin whole.
Nice doggy...
3. The earth will become a raging battlefield - flooded with the blood of gods and mortals alike.
Which is so metal.
4. The sun will be devoured by the wolf Skoll, plunging the world into total darkness and the earth will be consumed by the sea.
But Kevin Costner will be dead, so don't worry too much about that last part.
5. Why is this happening now? Well, it's been 99 days since an ancient Viking horn was blown...
...signaling the 100-day countdown to Ragnarök, the death of the creator gods of Norse mythology and the end of the world as we know it.
6. The 100 day period was supposed to be marked by "the winter of winters."
Polar Vortex, anyone?
7. So, the world is scheduled to erupt into bloody chaos and complete darkness in roughly 24 hours.
I know, bummer.
8. According to Norse mythology, exactly two human beings will survive the destruction and repopulate the earth.
Unless they hate each other. Also, those aren't great odds, but you can't win if you don't play.
9. Norse mythology is metal as hell.
So brutal.
10. None of this will actually happen, though.
Science called. It said you still have to go to work next week.

Via The Daily Mail & io9

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