13 Incredible Meryl Streep Outfits and the Star Wars Costumes That Inspired Them

Meryl. MERYL, YOU GUYS. She is a dream. Don't you just want to take a road trip with her through, like, New Mexico, where she'll buy you a bunch of weird, beaded necklaces and get drunk on cheap tequila?

While she's a talented actress, she may also have a secret talent of dressing like Star Wars characters. Here are a few of Meryl's looks through the years and their counterparts on Tattooine (or Cloud City, or the Millennium Falcon, or what have you).
1. Her 2012 Oscar Gown - C-3PO
The beautiful draping on her Oscar gown in 2012 matched the fussy droid's chassis perfectly.
2. Her 2010 Oscar Gown - Princess Leia (Original Flavor)
The pristine white wrap dress echoes Leia's initial ensemble when we meet her in A New Hope.
3. Her 1984 Oscar Gown - Princess Leia (Snow Style)
When Meryl won for Silkwood in 1984, did anyone else notice that she had the same high neckline and thick fabric of Leia's snowsuit from The Empire Strikes Back? Perhaps they'd all moved on to Return of the Jedi Leia by then.
4. Her 2014 Critics' Choice Dress - R2-D2
Short and blue.
5. Her 2012 SAG Awards Gown - Lando Calrissian
Where Lando has a cape, Meryl just has yards and yards of fabric. But they both love that dusty blue and a big old belt.
6. Her 2009 Oscar Gown - A Tusken Raider
Clearly inspired by the draping, Meryl sported a rock-colored gown reminiscent of a "sand person."
8. Her 2010 Critics' Choice Dress - Han Solo
She left her vest in the car. She is probably as badass as Han, but in a different way.
9. Her 1983 Oscar Gown - Padme Amidala's Picnic Dress
Look, I don't want to recognize the new trilogy any more than you do, but Meryl is clearly a psychic being who knew what Natalie Portman would wear 30 years later. Look at that dress.
10. Her 2007 Golden Globes Gown - Obi-Wan Kenobi
She based it on the Ewan McGregor version because she knew how irritated Alec Guinness always was about being known for his work in Star Wars.
11. Her Premiere Gown for The Iron Lady - Bib Fortuna
Meryl is really more of a Jabba in terms of the power she wields in Hollywood, but she took a tip from Jabba's main man Bib Fortuna for this black-and-blue fancy caftan.
11. Her 2007 Oscar Gown - Grand Moff Tarkin
See how her necklace and sash mirror his...uh...brooch? SHE'S A GENIUS.
12. Her 2009 SAG Gown - Emperor Palpatine
"Meryl, are you sure you want to use ALL of this fabric?"
13. Her 2012 BAFTA Gown - Darth Vader
Big shoulders and a helmet. Don't tell me you can't see the resemblance.

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