Crocs Are Terrible and Even These 12 Famous Paintings Can't Help

How do you feel about Crocs? I hate them. I think they're horribly ugly. I do hear that they are incredibly comfortable, so people like chefs and nurses who do a lot of standing enjoy them, and I think that's all right, but I don't know why you'd wear them if you didn't absolutely have to.

The good people at the Crocs corporation are always finding ways to make their hideous footwear less unsightly, and somehow made a deal with the Stony Brook Foundation to make a shoe inspired by Jackson Pollock's studio?? And this isn't the first time??? Anyway, that's how the Crocs above came into being - but it made us wonder what some other artists' creations might look like on a Croc, so we made a few mock-ups...
1. Pablo Picrocso.
2. American Crocthic.
3. Crocde Monet.
4. Mark Crocthko.
5. David Crocney.
6. Piet Crocdrian.
7. Gustav Croct.
8. Georges Seurcroc.
9. The Lady of Shallcroc.
10. The Croc of Wine.
11. The Crocation of Adam.
12. Van Croc.
Get your Jackson Pollcrocs here.

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