Panda Dog Puppies! Why Are You Still Reading This And Not Looking At Panda Dog Puppies?

These little guys look so much like pandas, you'd think they were the product of a genetic experiment, but they're just Pekingese crossed with mutt.

By the time you read this, they might be missing. And I can neither confirm nor deny that it'll be because I flew to China and kidnapped them.

This one looks anxious -  like it knows that its "totes adorbz" factor is dangerously high and puts it at constant risk for kidnapping... by me.

Safety in numbers? Sorry, panda pups, but your numbers are up - you're coming with me.

Stranger danger! Why is that man coming towards us with a potato sack? Where is the other panda pup? Man down! Man down!

Drink up, my little dreamlets, it's a long flight back to Palo Alto.

Note to law enforcement: if these animals go missing, DO NOT look for them in my office or apartment. That is all.

Via Kotaku

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