This Calendar of Hot Dudes and Kittens Will Make Every Month a Great One

Hull Seaside Animal Rescue needed to find a way to raise additional funds for the animals they help. One of the founders thought "hey - people love kittens and also hunky guys. MAYBE PUT THEM TOGETHER???" Then a local photographer offered to donate her services, and the rest is history. Hotstory? The guys are hot. YOU'RE WELCOME.
1. Jason loves the beach. Chairman Meow loves fish.
2. Danny likes playing baseball. Tuxedo likes chasing laser pointers.
3. Randall cleans his car every day. Stripey cleans his butt every day.
4. Joseph knows how to build stuff. Paw Paw knows how to destroy things.
5. James' smile is good luck. Inky is bad luck.
6. Frankie loves to hang out by the lake. Toonces would rather not.
7. Jared likes climbing rocks. Peanut likes climbing curtains.
8. Henry likes boxing. Santa Claws likes being in boxes.
9. Rico likes antique cars. Mr. Mistoffeles likes antique furniture (to scratch).
10. Brandon rides his bike a lot. Pickles wishes he would get a basket.
11. Zachary protects our country. Felix protects the living room.
12. Jesse drives a tractor. Jingles sat in a Barbie car once.
13. Derek is a vegetarian. Dusty likes salami.
14. Shawn is a history buff. Rumblestiltskin forgot where the litter box was.
15. Todd hates the rain. Smoky does too!
16. Andre likes nature hikes. Lemondrop likes naps.
17. Josh does 100 push-ups every day. Buttons runs from room to room for no reason.
18. Nick owns a farm. Batman loves chasing mice.
Visit the Kittendales website for more info, or the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue website for more kitty info!

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