These 13 Beautiful Women Look Even Better Covered in Tattoos

Skilled Photoshopper Cheyenne Randall puts awesome tattoos on celebrity photos on his rad tumblr, Shopped Tattoos. Here are a few of our favorite classic beauties, covered in ink.
1. Marilyn's still transcendent.
2. Lucille's still a classic beauty.
3. Carrie's still a princess.
4. Audrey's still gorgeous.
5. Cher's still striking.
6. Grace is still elegant.
7. Liza's still with a Z.
8. We still like Sally.
9. Bette's still got those eyes.
10. Dolly's still looking great.
11. Jayne's still a bombshell.
12. Shelley's still a sweetie.
12. And Martha's still got the gams.
Yes, that's Martha Stewart.

Via The Hairpin

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