24 of the Grossest Words In the World and How We Feel About Them

We all have words that disgust us for some reason. Some of these, like pustule or crusty, might be due to the disgusting connotations of the words. This list comprises words that don't necessarily mean something gross - they're just words we think are gross. Do you agree?

1. moist

2. membrane

3. morsel

4. salve

5. oily

6. cloisters

7. flap

8. flub

9. blabber

10. packet

11. gubernatorial

12. pubescent

13. lugubrious

14. scrumptious

15. nugget

16. veggie

17. dangle

18. handbag

19. panties

20. webinar

21. mouthfeel

22. fixins

23. beefy

24. yeast

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