13 Sleepy Babies Trying Their Hardest To Stay Awake And Totally Failing

Babies can fall asleep anywhere, man. I envy that about you little guys. And these babies are having a heck of a time staying awake, even though they clearly want to! Too cute.

This sweet pea wants to hang out with mom...

...but it's so tiring!

This mini mohawk can barely hold his head up.

Rock and roll, little buddy!

This tired traveler fights hard...

...but ultimately ends up on a trip to dreamland.

This little guy wants to stay up...

...nope. naptime.

Big brother is watching TV...

...little bro is counting sheep.

This little dude can't help it...

...you're in bed, buddy, just take a nap!

This cutie really wants to finish his banana...

...but it seems to be getting the best of him.

There are actually a lot of "eating babies falling asleep" videos.

This little guy is trying hard!

This shirtless toddler has a veritable feast...

...but even that can't keep him awake!

This baby is half-sleeping, half-eating...

...seems like a great day, actually?

This child has forgotten how exactly eating works.

Or maybe he just wants the jam.

This punkin is doing an admirable job...

But maybe it's time for a rest.

And this cutie just plain gives in.

Don't worry, that's a pillow back there!
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