11 Beautiful Oscar Twinsies. Did They Call Each Other First?

Trends on the red carpet come and go, so usually there will be a few looks each awards season that you'll see repeated. Here, we check out last night's ensembles that made multiple appearances.
1. Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams
Both nominees opted for a strapless navy number, with Sandra in Alexander McQueen and Amy in Gucci. Neither went home with a little gold man, though.
2. Sarah Paulson and Sally Hawkins
Gold, textured, and long-sleeved was the name of the game for these two.
3. Naomi Watts and Calista Flockhart
More texture, but this time in pure white with a cap sleeve.
4. Kristin Chenoweth and Lady Gaga
"Hey Steffi! Do you want to dress like the Chrysler Building for the Oscars this year?"
"Sure, Cheno. But only if I can go as the pink version."
5. Kristen Bell and Jenna Dewan
We understand why Kristen B. Ell might want to evoke a snow queen look in this ice-cold shade, but Jenna Dewan had nothing to do with Frozen.
6. Kevin Spacey and Jim Carrey
The boys in blue.
7. Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt
They're both wearing tuxes and both named Brad.
8. Camila Alves and Kate Hudson
"Camila. Did you see how Lupita wore a cape to the Golden Globes? Do you think we can pull that off?"
"I know I can pull it off, Kate. You? I'm not so sure."
9. Whoopi Goldberg and Julia Roberts at the Golden Globes
Whoopi must have been inspired by Julia's look from a few months ago.
10. Anna Kendrick and Angelina Jolie's Leg From Last Year
Okay, maybe not.
11. Lupita Nyong'o and Lupita Nyong'o

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