17 Hilariously Baffling Vintage Toys. Seriously Though. What is Happening Here.

Haha, people of the past. Your toys were BONKERS. Let's take a look!
1. Daddy Saddle
Ride 'em, cowboy!
2. Pie Face Game
This is a game where, if you lose, you get a pie in the face. FUN.
3. Earthquake Tower Rescue Playset
With sway action! Groom your future FEMA director with this toy.
4. Charades
This game is fine, but the kids on the box are freaking me out.
5. Leave It To Beaver Money Maker Game
The Beav + Capitalism = This Game.
6. Fist Faces
Sock puppets, but even more nightmarish.
7. Hulk Utility Belt
I consulted my personal comic book expert, who told me that Hulk did not generally have a belt. INACCURATE. Plus, if he did, why would HE need a voice modulator? And it's a LITTLE late for gamma radiation detection.
8. Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow
You feed her water and milk comes out. (Note: DO NOT DRINK MILKY'S MILK. IT'S MADE OF LEAD PAINT.)
9. Baby Know-It-All
She sounds annoying.
10. Li'l Winking Herby Hippy
He's real cool! Not weird and creepy.
11. Magic Potty Baby
12. Spooky Kooky
The things you can do to him include: collect, wear, trade, hang, dangle, hate, love, give, squeeze. Personally, I would like to put him in the freezer so he doesn't kill me in my sleep.
13. Froo-Froo Paper Earrings
Froo froo.
14. Buffy Wig Case (With Attractive Wig Stand)
Sure, kids love wigs, but what they love even more is wig storage.
Swing Wing
It's a fun thing (that will give you a neck injury).
16. Atomic Reactor
17. Bus
This is just a bus.

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