Kids React To A Rotary Telephone And Are Adorably Baffled

The Kids React series of videos are always fun - real kids watch videos or learn about things that they're too young to know about. In the most recent installment, the kids are presented with a rotary phone and asked questions about it. The results are predictably delightful.

All the kids are cute, but my favorite is this little girl, who first learns that you need to pick up the receiver:


Then learns how to dial:


Then, at 5:25, has the stunning realization that you had to CALL someone in order to talk to them:

Ohhhh, that's how.

I also enjoyed this little chap who says "I wasn't born in the 40s, so I have no idea how these things work."

Fair point, little buddy.

The whole video is definitely worth watching, especially when they try to guess how to text message, starting at around 4:30.