12 Hilariously Bizarre Travel Accessories...These Just Keep Getting Stranger.

When you're on a trip, you need different weird gadgets than the ones you have at home. Here are a few items you might want to take on your next trip - or not!
1. Hooded Neck Pillow
Does your head get cold on planes? But JUST your head? Try this pillow with an attached hood.
2. Upright Sleeper
Scratch that, actually - those neck pillows don't have the proper support. Try this brace instead when you're trying to nap on a plane.
3. Ostrich Pillow
This pillow gives you a hidey-hole to take a nap just about anywhere. But if that one looks too silly, don't worry...
4. The Ostrich Lite
...there's always this much more cool version.
5. Shirt Envelope
It's a Trapper Keeper for your shirts!
6. Portable Sauna
Not sure if your destination will have appropriate spa facilities? Make sure your luxury is covered with this portable sauna.
7. Portable Bidet
AKA Butt Squirt Bottle.
8. SheWee
Ladies, don't you hate how you have to pull your pants ALL the way down to pee? Try the SheWee. It's pink, so you know it's for ladies.
9. Raindrop Tents
Love camping? Hate sleeping on the ground? THEN YOU DON'T LOVE CAMPING.
10. Stash Bracelet
Not only is it a money-keeper, it's also an incredibly ugly bracelet that will draw NO attention at all to your wrists and make people wonder "why in the heck is she wearing that? Maybe her money's in there. I should rob her."
11. Stash Sandal
These used to be carried by Reef, until they were slapped with a lawsuit by their main competitor, SlotFlops. (Not a joke. Actual company called SlotFlops.)
12. Travel Spice Kit
Worried about blandess? Use this spice kit to make sure you have all the paprika you need.
13. Vogmask
Great for keeping germs at bay or also for your Jazzy Hannibal Lecter cosplay.

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