The 22 Most Hilariously Confusing Yahoo! Answers And How We Would Respond

If you have a question, your first stop on the internet should be Google (or maybe Bing). But what if your question is so complex, so baffling, that even Google can't handle it? Ask your fellow humans at Yahoo! Answers. These people did.
1. This Batman question.
2. This butterfly question.
3. This reproduction question.
4. This coffee question.
5. This cow question.
6. This fart question.
7. This goody tissue question.
8. This Google Earth question.
9. This knife question.
10. This cat question.
11. This MJ question.
12. This pecan/pelican question.
13. This ramen question.
14. This dubstep question.
15. This Frank Sinatra question.
16. This kiss question.
17. This song question.
18. This horse question.
19. This sun question.
20. This train track question.
21. This dog question.
22. This map question.

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