These Cute Penguins Need Sweaters and YOU Can Help Them Out!

In 2011, knitters around the world made sweaters for penguins affected by a massive oil spill off the coast of New Zealand. They appreciate your help - but the need for penguin sweaters isn't over! According to a report from ABC Melbourne, The Penguin Foundation is frequently in need of sweaters - not just after a big oil spill. How can you help? Download the pattern and make some cute little sweaters, and check the website for more info. To inspire you, let's look at some sweaters already sported by the little guys.

1. A bold statement in persimmon and mint.
2. Fire engine red brings out the penguins' cuteness.
3. Peachy keen!
4. Utilitarian khaki for the practical penguin.
5. Forest green and a high turtleneck.
6. Fun stripes or even a tuxedo illusion sweater!
Via ABC Melbourne

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