14 Fashion Week Looks Inspired By Star Trek: The Next Generation

Over the past few weeks, Fashion Week has been occurring in fashion capitals around the world, with designers showing their fall/winter collections. Some of these collections seem to have taken a tip from a few of our favorite looks on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Let's have a look, shall we?
1. Dior - Dr. Crusher's Coat
The boxy lines and electric blue hue make this a perfect update to Bev's doctor wear.
2. Dolce and Gabbana - Guinan Wear
Guinan favors deep, rich tones and flowing lines, like this D&G coat shown in Milan.
3. Stella McCartney - Picard's Tie-Dye Look
In "The Inner Light," Captain Picard lives a whole life on another planet in just a few minutes. Perhaps Stella McCartney liked the tie-dye pajamas look of this ep?
4. Giambattista Valli - Guest Star Bebe Neuwirth
Bebe appeared as an alien who was VERY interested in getting to know Riker a little better in "First Contact" (the episode, not the movie). This Giambattista Valli coat echoes the thick fabric, off-center closure, and structured-yet-not look of her coat.
5. Rochas - Dr. Crusher's "Sub Rosa" Jammies
Beverly's whole look here is echoed in the color combo and soft fabrics of this Rochas ensemble.
6. Elie Saab - Dr. Crusher's OTHER Jammies
In another episode, Bev works a raspberry nightgown that Elie Saab has - with the addition of some racy cutouts.
7. Ralph Lauren - Troi's Nightie
The high neck and satiny finish on Troi's nightgown made their way to the Ralph Lauren collection.
8. Valentino - Ardra
Ardra pretended to be the devil in the fourth season episode "Devil's Due," where she wore this flowing dark gown.
9. Stella McCartney - Creepy Alien Dude
The aliens featured in the episode "Violations" had some intriguing cutouts, similar to the ones seen in the Stella McCartney show.
10. Alexander McQueen - This Weird Greek Chorus
In "Loud as a Whisper," an ambassador traveled with a cadre of interpreters. This McQueen dress would fit right in to their flowy, cream-colored team.
11. Giambattista Valli - Lwaxana Troi
Mrs. Troi is known for her amazing looks, and this Lord Licorice dress is one of her finest. Licorice was also used in this Giambattista Valli coatdress.
12. Anthony Vaccarello - Vash
Occasional Picard-lover Vash wore a black minidress with a deep V in one of her appearances. Here's a 2014 edition from Anthony Vaccarello.
13. Stella McCartney - Wesley's Sweater
Okay, it's not QUITE that bad, but it's getting dangerously close.
14. The Entire Chanel Show - Romulans
All Romulans, all the time.

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