15 Hungover Babies Who Clearly Had Too Much Applesauce Last Night

We've all been there, man. You have so much fun, drinking apple juice and watching, like, 3 episodes of Teletubbies in a row, and the next morning you are shredded. These babies know how you feel, man.
1. Ughhhh, it's so bright. Why is it so briiiiight?
2. Thank goodness I have Dad to drive me around.
3. What? You have pancakes? Yes, please bring them to me. Mashed, if possible.
4. How's my hair? You know what, I don't even care. I never care, but today I definitely don't.
5. I can make this hair look like a choice. I'm a baby. Sweeeeeet.
6. I can't concentrate right now. Not even on Elmo. Let me go back to bed.
7. Can't hold head up. Was already very difficult for me, hangover is not helping.
8. Fell asleep in my clothes again. Not the first time. Won't be the last.
9. I played TOO HARD in the snow last night.
10. I can't understand what you're saying.
11. I'm just gonna make myself a Hot Pocket real quick. Yes, for breakfast.
12. Nope. Too tired for breakfast.
13. Oh god, I forgot we had a photo shoot today.
14. Wait. Was I dressed as a bee last night? Why???? It's MARCH.
15. Just let me sleep, please.
h/t to Mary H. for this great suggestion.

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