10 Incredible Photos of Nepalese 'Honey Hunters' Scaling Cliffs

In Central Nepal, the Gurung people climb the steep cliffs of the Himalayas to gather honey. Photographer Andrew Newey took these amazing photos.
1. The honey hunters ascend the cliffs twice each year.
2. They use long rope ladders called tangos to climb up.
3. They use smoke to drive the bees out, so they protect themselves with netting.
4. Before the honey hunt, they perform a ceremony to placate the cliff gods.
5. They lower the honey to the rest of the team, who are waiting on the ground below.
6. The skills to hunt honey are passed from generation to generation in the small mountain villages.
7. The skills are dying out - and the bees are as well.
8. When the honey is all gathered, everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
9. Natural honeycomb is beautiful and delicious.
10. Yum!
Via io9

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