16 Awesome Photos of Body Art That Will Completely Fool Your Eyes

Artist Hikaru Cho paints things to look like other things. Sometimes the things are fruits and vegetables, but many times, the things are people, and they are painted in a variety of enjoyable ways.
1. Unzip your back to reveal another zipper...
2. ...or this terrifying back demon.
3. Zip your arm!
4. Button your belly!
5. Lace up your foot.
7. Some of the art is technological.
8. Change your channel.
9. Many of the pieces are painting one body part where another should be.
10. It's...creepy. But cool!
11. But PRETTY creepy.
12. That's not where your ear goes.
13. Or where your mouth goes.
14. WHAT
15. Oh, you just have four eyes. No biggie.
16. Lookin' good, dude.

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