11 Dogs On Slides Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Day

When you're a dog, and you come up against a slide, you have a couple of options. Say "nah, I don't need to take on that slide," or say "HEY SLIDE. I'M COMING FOR YOU." These dogs took the path of most resistance.

1. Keep on trying, little guy. You can do it!

2. I did it!! Oh wait, no.

3. Go go go go! Wheeeee!


5. This dog can go up AND down!

6. This dog should not have trusted this baby.

7. Corgis are especially slide-prone.

8. See?

9. This isn't quite a slide, but this dog's plight is similar.

10. This dog will be ready for any slide that comes his way.

11. And this dog shouldn't get near any slides if this is how he does stairs.