11 Amazing Photos of Mark Wahlberg Being an Expert on Burgers

Were you aware that Mark Wahlberg co-owns a burger joint in Boston with his brothers Donnie and Paul? Or that it's called WAHLBURGERS? Or that there is an A&E reality show documenting their life running a burger joint??? I did not, until just now. To celebrate, we found some amazing photographs showing why Mark Wahlberg is the best person to own a burger joint.
1. Part of Mark's training regimen for Pain and Gain: burgers.
2. Mark has loved burgers since the 90s.
3. He once ate a burger that weighed 25 pounds.
4. Mark uses burgers to practice his throwing.
5. They are surprisingly streamlined.
6. Mark needs at least two burgers for every talk show appearance.
7. Mark enjoys tiny burgers while taking in a Celtics game.
8. If you ask Mark to share his burgers, he will.
9. Mark takes his burgers out on the town.
10. Mark's Calvin Klein campaign originally included a burger that was later removed.
11. Donnie Walhberg also enjoys burgers.

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