18 Corgis Who Are Totally Ready For Spring To Start

Now that Daylight Saving Time is here, and we've had a taste of the warmth of spring (at least in some places), these corgis are READY to PARTY. Can we officially declare spring yet???
1. Wake up! Time for spring!!
2. I'm so tired of being inside.
3. Stop watching TV! Time to go outside!!
4. I mean, LOOK AT IT.
5. I talked to this minifig Hobbit and he agrees.
6. My toy wants to go out too.
7. This ball is sad. We should take it outside.
8. Ball and I don't like it inside.
9. The yellow thing wants to go out. It's not even my call.
10. Pleeeeease?
11. Fine. I'll just stay here then.
12. I have my leash on. We HAVE to go outside.
13. I put on this stylish spring jacket.
14. I put on a TIE. Time for outside.
15. I really want to show off this cool new hood.
16. Ok. Let's go now.
18. Now. Is it Cinco de Mayo yet?

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