23 Awesome TV and Movie-Themed Wedding Cakes

Your wedding day should reflect your personality as a couple, so if you're both big fans of a particular movie, why not incorporate it into your celebration? These couples asked some awesome bakeries to put together a sweet tribute to their favorite flicks (and TV shows).
1. The Dark Crystal
This feat of engineering has the top tiers balanced ON the crystal itself!
2. The Muppets
From the lighter side of Henson studios.
3. Back to the Future
That's Marty and Jennifer on the cake, not Marty and Lorraine.
4. Ghostbusters
The Stay-Puft Man looks WAY too cute in this version.
5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...AND Ghostbusters
This couple couldn't decide!
6. Land of the Wed
This couple are both big fans of zombie movies.
7. Alien
You make my chest want to burst.
8. Evil Dead
The detail on this one is AWESOME.
9. Indiana Jones
Is it just me, or does this guy look more like Toht (AKA The Nazi With The Weird Coat Hanger) than Indy?
10. The Avengers
The gang's all here!
11. Batman
By day, a regular old wedding cake. But when night falls...[cue Batman theme]
12. Spider-Man
I never thought I could say this about a Spider-Man themed cake, but: this is classy.
13. Chucky (and Bride of Chucky)
Gross! And awesome.
14. Lord of the Rings
A shire cake. I'll be having this for second breakfast.
15. Stack o' Books
Star Wars is not a book, you guys. This is a cute cake, though.
16. Star Wars
Why would you choose to depict yourself as Chewbacca when you could be Han Solo??
17. Star Trek: The Next Generation
This couple, a physicist and an engineer working on the Mars project, incorporated both a real star map and our favorite fake space couple.
18. Star Trek: ???
Sarek and Lursa were never a couple, you guys.
19. The Princess Bride
20. Adventure Time
This might not be a wedding cake, but it's really cute.
21. The Hunger Games
I volunteer as your spouse!
22. Game of Thrones
Better that your cake be Red Wedding-themed than your actual wedding BE a Red Wedding? I guess?
23. The Wizard of Oz
There's no place like home.

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