10 People Who Got Too Drunk (Even For St. Patrick's Day)

Drinking booze is fun, so drinking a lot of booze must be a lot of fun, right?

Depends who you ask. But if you do ask one of the people on this list, make sure you do it quietly without turning the lights on - it's only noon, bro.

1. Every single person on the "party train" to the Hamptons
Which is an actual thing.
2. This guy, who did not go quietly into that bad night
Never give up - never surrender!
3. This guy, who's doing it right, apart from laying in a stairwell
Does he know what most drunk people do in stairwells?
4. The person behind this text message
It's a pillow or it's a pet -  it cannot be both.
5. This charming, vivacious young lady
Who doesn't seem to realize she's being arrested - definitely a keeper.
6. This bro would be good to go, but forgot to wear green shoes
That's a noob mistake, breh.
7. This person, who is apparently too drunk to lay down
But too tenacious to let go of their beer.
8. This man, who moonlights for bike share
As a bicycle.
9. This banana that slipped and fell
On himself perhaps?
10. And this cool cat
Our data shows the Internet likes cats.

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