This Parrot Is Actually A Woman In Bodypaint! Plus 20 More Incredible Bodypaint Illusions

Johannes Stötter paints people to look like other things, then photographs them. Don't be sad if it takes you a second to see what's going on. #12 actually took me a while as well. Keep looking - and check out all this Mr. Stötter's awesome work from his website! Some of these are slightly NSFW - but the people are somewhat hidden, so maybe your cube mate won't notice that the people are naked.
1. Parrot Lady
THIS WOMAN IS A PARROT. Can you see it yet? IT TOOK ME A WHILE. It helped me to deduce that the tail is her leg.
2. Snake Lady
There is also a real snake in this photo.
3. Owl Woman
The eyes!
4. Celloman
5. Tree Nymph
6. Bark Sprite
7. Mountain Woman
8. Cliff Woman.
Looks like shale to me.
9. Horizon.
Perfectly timed with that wave.
10. Meadow Lady.
11. Woodswoman.
12. Rocks.
Where is she??
13. Xylophone Man.
This one's sort of creepy.
14. Firewood Man.
Good for hiding in the wood pile.
15. Old Tree Man
16. Field Child
This one was for an ad.
17. Melon Mama.
That's her belly.
18. Pineapple Head.
Good for hiding in the produce department.
19. Melon Head.
The detail on this one is amazing.
20. Baby Melon Head.

Via Johannes Stötter, h/t Sploid

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