13 Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters Matched With Their Dog Counterparts

I have often remarked that Dr. Beverly Crusher's hair resembles the ears of a beautiful spaniel. But what about all the other characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation? Who are their dog versions? We took a look.
1. Dr. Beverly Crusher - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Why: smart, caring, incredible hair.
2. Captain Jean-Luc Picard - English Bulldog
Why: strong, decisive, English.
3. Commander William T. Riker - Cool Husky
Why: Hardworking, brave, super cool.
4. Lt. Commander Data - Golden Retriever
Why: inquisitive, energetic, pale yellow in color.
5. Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge
Why: loyal, intelligent, looks great in a VISOR.
6. Lt. Worf - Rottweiler
Why: intimidating, enormous, ultimately big softies inside.
7. Counselor Deanna Troi - Cocker Spaniel
Why: intuitive, sensitive, big hair.
8. Officer Miles O'Brien - Flandoodle
Why: casual fans may not know he exists, curly hair.
9. Keiko O'Brien
Why: mostly the ears.
10. Dr. Pulaski - This Dog
Why: also mostly the ears.
11. Barclay - Sad Pug
Why: sweet, mostly well-meaning, constantly being reprimanded.
12. Wesley Crusher - Chihuahua
Why: annoying, whines a lot, frequently seen in a sweater.
13. Q - Not a Dog at All
Why: he's kind of a jerk.

h/t to @kicksywicksy for the inspiration, and the Pulaski dog.

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