25 Bizarre and Wonderful Chickens You Never Knew Existed. Seriously, You Need to See These.

Are all chickens completely hilarious-looking? PRETTY MUCH. Check out these fair fowls that you may not have known about before!
1. The Silkie
So named for its soft feathers, the Silkie most likely originated in ancient China.
Let me pet you!
Its feathers are almost like a fur, and sometimes they were shown in old-timey sideshows as birds with fur. They're just really soft feathers.
2. The Polish
The Polish does not actually hail from Poland. They were first bred in the Netherlands.
Hello. I'm a chicken.
They are known for their elaborate head plumage.
So majestic.
They come in a variety of colors. This one is "buff."
Yes, I am aware that I am fancy.
This one is also buff, and looking great!
I wish I had a hat like that.
This one was labeled as a Crele Polish, but apparently that name has caused CONTROVERSY in the chicken community. I'm just going to call this one Betty.
This is a golden laced Polish.
Baby Polish!
The babies even have a little head floof!
These are silver laced baby Polishes.
3. The Araucana
The Araucana is the chicken that most resembles President Martin Van Buren.
Step back!
This guy got a little excited about having his photo taken.
4. The Onagadori
Onagadori are a Japanese chicken - it means "long-tailed chicken" in Japanese.
That tail!
Their tails can be anywhere from 12-27 feet long.
My tail is my treasure.
They generally have a special perch to prevent their tails from drooping in the dirt.
5. The Phoenix
The Phoenix is another majestically-tailed variety of chicken.
Are you jealous?
They are a result of selective breeding of the Onagadori with domestic chickens. And they are beautiful.
6. The Serama
The Serama is a Malaysian chicken, and a relatively recent one at that - within the last 50 years!
Proud, tiny chicken.
They are popular as pets due to their small size, and also compete in chicken beauty contests.
Looking good.
They have only recently been introduced to the United States.
This is a Serama, with frizzle feathers. That is a technical term.
7. Modern Game Bantam
These chickens are an English breed developed specifically to look good for fighting.
When cockfighting was outlawed, they became primarily decorative chickens - they're not very good for eggs or meat.
Just fancy.
This explains why they look so fancy. I think this one should be EVEN FANCIER.
Much better.

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