The 14 Best Big Lebowski-Themed Items Available on Etsy

This movie came out 16 years ago, but if you like it, YOU REALLY LIKE IT. Want to fill your life with The Dude? Etsy has you covered.
1. This Awesome Poster
Low-key graphics + text. Very cool.
2. This Cross-Stitch Pattern.
Warning: it's just a pattern! Must learn to cross-stitch.
3. This Poster of Donnie.
There's a similar one of Walter too.
4. This Felt Ornament of Walter.
Hang it low on the Christmas tree - your pet marmot won't be able to break it.
5. This Hair-Only Poster.
Do you run a Lebowski-themed salon called "Cut Off Your Johnson"? This is for you.
6. This Sculpture of The Dude.
Complete with tiny bowling ball!
7. These Dude and Walter Pint Glasses.
Double white Russians for everyone!
8. These Lapel Pins.
Give them to your groomsmen! Who will get the toe?
9. This Lightswitch Cover.
10. These Little Lebowski Urban Achievers Medals
In silver OR gold.
11. This $400 Made-To-Order Lebowski Sweater.
Now YOU can abide!
12. This Knit Dude Doll.
Baby's first Dude.
13. This Child's T-Shirt With Minifig Dude and Walter.
Start 'em young!
14. This Stealable Rug.
It'll really tie the room together.

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