McDonald's Has Discontinued Their Hot Mustard Sauce And Everyone is Freaking Out

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets aren't exactly the best food for you. But sometimes you just want a vaguely chicken-like fried hunk of breaded "meat." And when that happens, you get the best sauce there is: hot mustard. IT'S THE BEST SAUCE, DON'T ARGUE WITH ME.

Unfortunately, the home of the golden arches is no longer a home for hot mustard - they're discontinuing the delectable dip, and the Internet IS NOT PLEASED. People took different approaches:
1. The Asking Politely Approach.
2. The Simple Demand.
3. The Name-Calling Method.
4. The Defeatist Attitude.
5. The Call to Boycott.
6. The Boycotters Who Stand With Him.
7. The New Friends Formed Through Strife.
8. The "Wake Up And Smell The Sauce" Approach.
9. The McDonald's Apologist.
10. The Oblivious.
11. The Voice of Reason.

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