The 8 Best Videos Of Kittens Meeting Hedgehogs. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Two of the cutest animals imaginable - kittens and hedgehogs - naturally end up making some of the cutest videos imaginable. Why? With kittens' curiosity and hedgehogs' little spines, there is sure to be some adorable drama! Let's take a look at a few of the finest examples:

1. This tabby and hedgey in a baby pool.

This one I like because this is so clearly the hedgehog's space, and she just does not care that the cat wants to play. The batting the kitty does at :50 is classic. Also, stick around until 2:39, when the hedgehog has a problem with that toilet paper roll. This might be my favorite.

2. This kitten and hedgehog with the run of the living room.

These guys are very active! The kitten in this one is particularly easily startled, and the hedgehog likes to CHARGE, which is a great combo.

3. Kitty in the hedgehog pen.

Lots of GOOD jumps from kitty in this one. Watch till the end for a hilariously strange last second of a completely different video...

4. "He looks like a Pokemon."

In this one, the hedgehog moves so little that he could be a sea urchin, or a pineapple, yet the kitten is SO FREAKED.

5. Kitty sits on hedgehog.

It's as good as you hope it is.

6. My friend, the hairbrush.

This kitty has a new buddy, and a new way to scratch her head!

7. This black kitty and her pal on an unmade bed.

At :44, she decides to POUNCE...orrr not.

8. And of course, this one.

The video that redefined the whole genre, this one is beautifully shot and edited, with lovely backing music, and a freaking adorable pair of critters.

Bonus: dog and hedgehog.

These guys are too cute not to include!