10 Times Leslie Knope Was The World's Biggest Waffle Fan

It's International Waffle Day, y'all! March 25!! Let's check in with everyone's favorite fan of waffles, Leslie Knope! Here are just some of the times she proved her love for the breakfast treat.

1. Every time she's at JJ's.

2. When Ben brought her waffles and she ate them in the hospital.

3. When it's time to celebrate.

4. When she wore her waffle necklace.

5. When she got a waffle sundae.

6. When Ann tried to trick her with distraction waffles.
7. When Ann fed her those distraction waffles and she still wanted to eat them, even though they were a lie.

8. This terrible doll that Ann made because she knew how much Leslie loved waffles.
9. When Leslie knew what was important in life.

10. Every day of her life. Happy Waffle Day, everyone!

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