17 Ridiculously Cute Photos of Instagram's Cutest-Ever Pomeranian

Because you always need pictures of a Pomeranian. ALWAYS.
1. Chun Hyang is 2 years old.
2. Chun Hyang lives in Seoul, South Korea.
3. Chun Hyang is dramatic sometimes.
4. Chun Hyang is playful sometimes.
5. Chun Hyang has a variety of beds.
6. I like this bed best.
7. But Chun Hyang likes the people bed best.
8. Chun Hyang enjoys nature.
9. But also baths.
10. Chun Hyang is stylish.
11. This collar is so cute!
12. Chun Hyang, those aren't for you.
13. Chun Hyang meditates on the meaning of life.
14. Chun Hyang is a lion. (Not really.)
15. Chun Hyang has no ears!!!
16. Oh phew.
17. Thanks for being so cute, Chun Hyang!
Follow more of Chun Hyang's adventures on Instagram!

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