39 Awesome Photos of Things Cut in Half. These Are Amazing.

Have you ever wondered what the insides of a camera look like? Or a Xerox machine? Keep reading...

1. A Mini Cooper.
2. A baseball.
3. A banana.
4. An athletic shoe.
5. A cream puff.
6. A tree with a golf ball INSIDE IT.
7. A grenade.
8. Ice cream.
9. A scale model of the Paris Opera.
10. A caramel apple.
11. An elementary school.
12. An engine.
13. A purple cabbage.
14. An eight ball (not magic).
15. A camera lens.
16. A photocopier.
17. A golf ball.
18. A bowling ball.
19. A Super Soaker.
20. Ramen.
21. A stalagmite.
22. A Range Rover.
23. A fire hydrant.
24. A tube of toothpaste.
25. An undersea cable.
26. Bullets.
27. A jawbreaker.
28. A Zippo lighter.
29. A motorcycle helmet.
30. A pinata :)
31. A camera.
32. A cigar.
33. A paint stirrer used over and over.
34. A chair.
35. An airplane.
36. A guitar.
37. A shoe.
38. A turtle skeleton.

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