7 Stunningly Beautiful Closeups of Butterfly Wings. These Will Take Your Breath Away.

These close-up shots by photographer/biochemist Linden Gledhill will have you fooled - but they're actually moth and butterfly wings very close up!
1. Rainbow ribbons? No, that's a sunset moth.
2. A beaded necklace? This is also a sunset moth.
Here's the sunset moth at normal size for comparison. Beautiful!
3. These sesame-seed looking ones are found on the Rippon's birdwing.
Here it is at regular scale - its scientific name is Troides hypolitus sangirensis.
4. A monarch, up close, looks like Indian corn.
This is the monarch, which you might be familiar with.
5. These might look like jellyfish, but they belong to the Morpho didius butterfly.
Its common name is the Giant Blue Morpho, which also sounds like a member of the X-Men.
6. Are those green corn niblets? Nope - this is a common green birdwing butterfly.
The vibrant green is only found on the male - females are plain brown.
7. These Pac-Man ghosts are the scales on the wings of a Salamis Parhassus.
The forest mother-of-pearl butterfly, as it's normally called, is a beautiful pale purple.
Via Colossal and Flickr

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