18 Of The Most Amazing Pranks Of All Time

These people are ready for April Fools' Day.

1. Get your friend to sit in a broken chair.

2. Trick EVERYONE in the Apple Store into looking at you.

3. Build a giant, Indiana Jones-style Scary Rock (out of papier-mache).

4. Make it look like you sneezed your head off.

5. Spider. Giant spider.

6. Scary mask double team.

7. Alien masks: also effective.

8. Dinosaur masks: next level.

9. Hide in the mud. #commitment

10. Hide in these boxes.

11. This requires a LOT of planning (and elevator access).

12. Go thru the drive-thru HEADLESS.

13. This one's really more of a prank on yourself.

14. A classic, with a twist.

15. How Scientists Prank.

16. I don't know how this was accomplished, but it's amazing.

17. Arrange for the END OF THE WORLD.

18. Babies: the easiest targets.