16 Times That Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Was Amazingly Charming And Great

The Rock's charm is undeniable, folks. Sorry. That's just the way it is. You want proof? KEEP READING.
1. When he gave his housekeeper a dope new ride.
2. When he debuted as a wrestler and was hilarious.
3. When he watered a cactus.
4. When he caught a fish with his BARE HANDS.
5. When he flexed after getting hernia surgery.
6. When he photobombed this fan.
7. When he went on Splash Mountain.
8. When he met Goofy.
9. When he dressed as The Hulk and completely committed to being green.
10. When he made a lobster. *cue B-52s*
11. When he ate so many pancakes.
12. When he ate SO much pizza.
13. When he held a gallon of milk like it was nothing.
14. When he made a regular cupcake look like a mini cupcake.
15. When Charles Barkley and Shaq made HIM look like a regular-sized person.

16. When he sang so beautifully.


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