16 of The Most Disgustingly Insane Pizzas You've Ever Seen

At what point do these things stop being "pizza"?
1. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust.
This is bonkers.
2. Hot Dog Crust AND Tempura Shrimp AND Mayonnaise.
Wait. THIS one is bonkers. That last one looks tame compared to this one.
3. Spam Stars.
I take it back. I would totally eat this one.
4. "Hawaiian" Pizza with Pineapple, Cherries, and Shredded Ham.
That is too much ham.
5. Corn Dogs.
Like. Full corn dogs.
6. Chicken Teriyaki and Mayonnaise.
Can we seriously call this pizza? Let's call it "Nightmare Flatbread" instead.
7. Sweet Potato-Filled, Coconut Shrimp-Topped Crust.
Look, I like sweet potatoes, I love coconut shrimp and I REALLY love pizza, but why would this happen?
8. Whatever This Is.
9. Bananas.
Replace the sauce with peanut butter and the cheese with Nutella and we'd be talking.
10. Cookie Dough Crust.
It's not the toppings that offend here, it's the poor combination. Why would you ruin a cookie with shrimp, or vice versa?
11. Cicadas. Yes, Really.
Hey man, bugs are a good source of protein.
12. Sauerkraut.
13. Marmite.
Marmite is the world's worst food. It just did the impossible and made this pizza inedible.
14. Squid Ink.
This one probably tastes fine, but it looks like hell food.
15. Tater Tots.
Yeah, I'd eat this one too.
16. George Clooney
This one isn't gross at all. It's handsome.

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