Check Out These Awesome Swimming Pigs, Complete With Tropical Beach

Big Major Cay, an island in the Bahamian Exumas, is better known as Pig Island. Why? Keep reading...
1. The island is mostly uninhabited except for these awesome swimming pigs.
2. Nobody knows for certain how the pigs got there...
3. But they sure do enjoy visitors, particularly ones with food!
4. They won't ask for Dom Perignon by name, but they won't turn it down either.
5. Cynical people think maybe the pigs are just a stunt to attract tourists...
6. But these playful, water-loving pigs seem right at home on their island.
7. And pig selfies are totally a thing now.
8. The pigs spend a lot of their time swimming in the warm water.
9. "Dude, We Forgot Our Boat."
10. "Dude, I AM the boat."
Here's a video of these little guys enjoying their island:

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