19 Tips for Writing the Greatest Passive-Aggressive Office Kitchen Notes

Want to become the best passive-aggressive note writer on the planet? Take some advice from these masters.
1. Make sure the recipient knows how tacky they are.
2. Try not to leave an opening for a snarky response.
3. Make an impact by using found materials in your note.
4. A heart adds a touch of whimsy.
5. Choose your fonts wisely, not whimsically.
6. That font advice goes double for responses.
7. Some people need help. YOU can give it to them. In chart form.
8. Even the largest note can be compromised. Do not allow this to happen.
9. Hide information vertically if you don't want to directly call someone out.
10. Be ready to follow through on your threats.
11. Don't be tempted to join in on note wars.
12. It never pays off.
13. It can get out of control quickly.
14. Don't be afraid to go fully absurd with your note.
15. Reference famous poems to add a touch of class.
16. Don't be afraid to use kittens to get your point across. Everyone likes kittens.
17. Be prepared for people to question your note. Don't let it phase you.
18. Copy editors are not to be messed with.
19. Even including Jesus will not protect you. But KEEP WRITING THOSE NOTES, YOU PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE ANGEL.
Via Passive Aggressive Notes

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