13 Adorable Photos of Turtles Wearing Turtle Sweaters. TURTLE SWEATERS, PEOPLE.

They're turtle sweaters!!! You can buy them for your turtle!
1. A purple and red dinosaur!!
2. A "more realistic" green and orange dinosaur.
3. A rainbow dragon!
4. Please do not eat me. I am a turtle, not a burger.
5. Same here. Not a taco.
5. Hi! I'm Sebastian!
7. I'm the biggest bee you've ever seen!
8. And the biggest ladybug!
9. But maybe the smallest landshark.
10. Seasonal costume: pumpkin!
11. Ready for Christmas!
12. Easter's just around the corner!
13. When is your birthday? I'm your present!
Visit Mossy Tortoise's Etsy shop for sweaters and sweater patterns for your turtle or tortoise.

h/t Design Taxi

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