24 Amazing Times Yul Brynner Looked Like a Fashion Model In The Ten Commandments

Have you seen The Ten Commandments? IT IS AMAZING. It's long and epic and sooooo 1950s it's crazy. And Yul Brynner is remarkable. He is so dramatic and wonderful, and he wears the BEST costumes. Check them out below, and the next time you watch it, imagine that he is posing for Vogue in every one of his scenes.
1. When he first appeared rocking a side ponytail.
2. When he posed on the back of a chariot.
3. When he wore this red headpiece.
4. When he walked like he was on a runway.
5. When he served Nile realness.
6. When he gazed plaintively into the distance...
7. ...wearing a pleated skirt.
8. When he struck this pose.
9. When he stood, arms akimbo, in a gold-plated tunic.
10. When he wore a leopard skin at his father's deathbed.
11. When he became pharaoh and gave mad side-eye.
12. When he looked at his wife like this.
13. When you realized his cape looked like this from the back.
14. When he struck THIS pose.
15. When he gave amazing FACE.
16. When you realized that it was, like, a FULL leopard skin.
17. When he posed with one foot up.

18. When he realized his headpiece was sparkly.

19. When he looked fierce in the nighttime.
20. When you realized his cape fastener looked like a bow tie.

21. When he rested his hand on this statue for a weirdly long time.

22. When he dramatically removed his necklace.

23. When he summoned his servants to put him into battle fashions:

24. When he stood in his chariot like a boss.

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