OMG. These 10 Little Animals Eating Are Freaking Adorable.

Having lunch at your desk again? Why not have some company of the totes adorable variety? You know we've got you covered:

1. No Seriously, Stop It, Little Dude -  Grapes Are Bad For You
2. Edamame, On The Other Hand, Is Just Fine
Although this guys seems like he'd rather be smoking a cigar, which is not recommended.
3. ZOMG! Watermelon Is Delicious!
This guy looks super-excited about his snack, then again, pugs always look kind of excited.
4. Seriously, Everybody Loves Watermelon
These little fellows are more subdued in their enjoyment.
5. Pigging Out On Ice Cream!
Sorry, little dude. That was a low blow.
6. Who Doesn't Love Peanut?
Not this guy.
7. This Maize Is Amazing
And he seems intent on shoving every kernel in his cheeks.
8. Dude, Where Did You Find This Marshmallow?
You know what? Never mind, just hand it over.
9. Wow! Turtles Must Love Strawberry.
I mean, look at his little face!
10. Oh, Never Mind. Apparently Turtles Eat Anything
They're like the goats of the amphibian world.

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