12 Awesome, Completely Real Hybrid Animals.

When animals of two different species produce offspring, the result is a hybrid animal, which is usually twice as cute as either animal on its own.
1. Geep = Goat + Sheep
This apparent spontaneous hybrid animal was born from a mother ewe and father goat. Here's the farmer discussing the surprising event:
2. Cama = Camel + Llama
With a dromedary camel for a father and a llama for a mother, the cama was created to produce an animal capable of higher wool production than the llama, with the size and strength of a camel. This little lady's name is Kamilah.
3. Dzo = Yak + Cow
Don't call it a yakow! This Himalayan pack animal is bred in Mongolia and Tibet for its superior milk and meat production over either of its two component species.
4. Yakalo = Yak + Buffalo
These hardy-looking animals were cross-bred in Canada in the 1920s, but didn't thrive as they should have, and have not been seen nor heard from since.
5. Liger = Lion + Tiger
Ligers have been recorded as early as the 1820s - Queen Victoria even got to see a few liger cubs as a young woman. Check out the little baby in the picture above, peeking out from behind his big brother!
6. Leopon = Leopard + Lion
First bred for their beautiful coats in the early 20th century, leopons are rare in the wild.
7. Savannah Cat = Domestic Cat + Serval
Hybrid experiments aren't limited to the big, wild kitties. These guys are a cross between your regular old tabby housecat and the serval. They can grow to weigh up to 30 lbs, so make sure you have a big litterbox!
8. Wholphin = Dolphin + False Killer Whale
The wholphin is the baby of a female bottlenose dolphin and a male false killer whale - so even though the name makes it sound like a whale + a dolphin, the false killer whale isn't really a whale.
9. Zebroid = Zebra + Any Equine
The catch-all name for zebra hybrids with equines of other kinds is "zebroid." This can include zorses, like the one pictured above, as well as...
10. Zetland = Zebra + Shetland Pony
A zony is created when a zebra is crossed with a pony, and a zetland is created when a zebra is crossed with a SHETLAND pony (the cutest of all ponies). This one is named Pozee Tinkerbelle. For real.
11. Donkra = Zebra + Donkey
This little guy is particularly rare: his mother is a zebra and his father is a donkey. Generally, zebroids are the result of a male zebra and female horse, donkey, or pony.
12. Dorse
Hmm. This one looks fake.

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