16 Things Only People Who DON'T Watch 'Game Of Thrones' Will Understand.


1. When people find out I don't watch Game of Thrones.

2. When everyone on Twitter is talking exclusively about Game of Thrones all day Sunday.

3. When my friends tell me what's happening on Game of Thrones even though I don't watch it.

4. When my friends KEEP telling me what's happening on Game of Thrones in an effort to get me to watch it.

5. When I think that maybe I should try to catch up and watch Game of Thrones.

6. When I try to make Game of Thrones references.

7. When I learn what the Red Wedding was from the Internet.

8. When I ask my boyfriend "So I shouldn't tell anyone that [character who dies in the books but hasn't died yet on the show] dies?"

9. When I feel left out when people make Hodor jokes.

10. When I ask if Sean Bean is still on the show.

11. When I think maybe I can just watch, like, one episode.

12. When I need to make a joke about Game of Thrones in a social setting.

13. When I try to figure out which lady on Game of Thrones is the one with the dragons.

14. When I think about how many people watch a show with dragons on it.

15. When I realize that I watch a show that is pretty much just as implausible as a show with dragons.

16. When I make peace with the fact that I don't watch Game of Thrones.