18 Reasons Otters Are The Cutest and Best Animals Ever

You need to see all these reasons.
1. Because a baby otter looks like this.
2. Because sometimes they play hide-and-seek...
3. ...and peek out.
4. Because sometimes they conduct a tiny orchestra.
5. Because they play with toys like a person.
6. Because they love karaoke.
7. Because when they take naps they look like this.
8. Because sometimes they will dive down to get a pipe...
9. ...bring it back to the surface...
10. ...and take a nap on it.
11. Because they help their friends climb.
12. Because they will shake your hand.
13. Because look at their little faces!!
14. Because sometimes they look like they are deciding on paint colors.
15. Because look at this baby!
16. Because this baby's name is Pukupuku.
17. Because when they peek they are so cute.
18. OTTERS. I think I've made my case.
Photos via manbou400 on Twitter. Their bio is in Japanese, but the translation says, "I like the otter! when the mind is directed, we have dropped the photograph taken by myself."

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