18 Pugs That Know Just How You Feel

1. Sometimes you can't QUITE reach what you want.

2. Sometime you are confused and can't get a handle on things.

3. Sometimes you just have to take what you want.

4. Sometimes you need your alone time.

5. Sometimes the world is your ice cream.

6. Sometimes you don't know who you are.

7. Sometimes you want a buddy to play with.

8. Sometimes you're okay on your own!

9. Sometimes you feel lost at sea.

10. Sometimes you have questions.

11. Sometimes you have friends who also have questions.

12. Sometimes you feel LIKE THIS!!

13. Sometimes, not so much.

14. Sometimes you have amazing skills.

15. Sometimes you get distracted by the wipers.

16. Sometimes it's impressive just to get up the stairs.

17. Sometimes things seem like they're going too fast.

18. And sometimes, you're just happy to find a friend.