The 12 Most Beautiful, Creative Photos of a Sleeping Baby You'll Ever See

These sweet photos are made with a mother's love.
1. Sioin Queenie Liao is like many mothers.
2. She likes to photograph her children.
3. She wondered what her son, Wengenn, was dreaming about as he napped.
4. So she imagined it.
5. And then she created it.
6. And then - luckily for us - she photographed it.
7. The photos are both charming and impressive.
8. Charming - because her set pieces are so whimsical and lovely.
9. And impressive - that the little guy didn't wake up!
10. He must be a very sound sleeper.
11. The photos are a sweet expression of a mother's love.
12. Sleep tight, Wengenn!
Visit Wengenn in Wonderland for more cute pics!

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