The 23 Most Creative Entries From This Year's Peep Diorama Contest

The Washington Post holds a contest for dioramas made of Peeps - you know, the marshmallow candy so ubiquitous this time of year? They got over 700 entries, but here are a few of the semi-finalists we think you'll love. Who won? Scroll to the bottom to find out...
1. Movie of the year Sharknado showed up not once...
2. ...but twice, in two different Peepnado-themed entries.
3. Spider-Peep, Spider-Peep, does whatever a Spider-Peep does...
4. Oscar-winning Gravity also showed up twice, once with a full theater...
5. And once in terrifying close-up.
6. The 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz inspired this sweet entry.
7. Ellen's Oscar selfie was a popular topic. Smile and say "peeeeeeeep!"
8. A Peeple's tribute to Harold Ramis, who died earlier this year.
9. No contest is complete without a Breaking Bad entry.
10. Or a Game of Thrones one.
11. This isn't just a House of Cards entry - this is a BINGE PEEPING House of Cards entry.
12. Based on Food Network's Chopped, this is Peeped.
13. This entry took its inspiration from a somewhat older drama - the Trojan War.
14. Mrs. Peepcock, in the library, with the candlestick.
15. These Peeps are knitting sweaters for penguins! Or "peepguins," I guess.
16. Being The Washington Post, many entries were inspired by news stories. Here, we have a few entries celebrating marriage equality in DC.
17. The Supeep Court.
18. The Olympeeps were a major story this year as well.
19. Check out the motion on that bobsled! Bobpeep. Peepsled? Okay, that one doesn't work.
20. Chris Chrispeep addresses the "Bridgegate" scandal.
21. The Peeples Free Library!
22. And the winner is this amazing greyscale depiction of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.
23. The Peeps are actually painted in greyscale!

Great work, Peeple!

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